Outdoor Life Size Bronze Horse Statues for Sale

black bronze horse statue

Life-size bronze horse statues are a beautiful and striking accent to any outdoor or indoor space. YouFine specializes in making outdoor bronze horse sculptures, offering you a variety of professional sculpture artworks. Feel free to learn more.
Material: Casting bronze
Size: 2m or Custom as Your Request
Color: Black (other available colors)
Techniques: Exquisite casting, Hand made
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

YouFine has dedicated artists to producing different designs of bronze horse sculptures and has a very accurate grasp of the design and proportions of the horse. Therefore, the quality of our black horse sculpture is very good. The black color of the sculpture is achieved through a chemical reaction during the casting process. The statue is then coated with a bronze-green to protect it from the natural environment and to give it a unique, ancient appearance.

large outdoor horse statues

The bronze casting process is a complex and time-consuming one that requires skill and precision. Depending on the size and complexity of the statue, this process could take weeks or even months to complete. We would send detailed photos to our customers in a timely manner during the making of the sculpture so that they could see every step of the process.

life size bronze horse staue for outdoor lawn-1life size bronze horse staue for outdoor lawn

Life-size bronze horse statues are a beautiful and timeless addition to any collection or space. Whether you are drawn to black bronze horse statues or other types of bronze horse statues, these sculptures are sure to bring beauty and meaning to your home or garden. With their long history, intricate casting, and enduring value, bronze horse statues are truly a work of art to be treasured for generations to come. YouFine offers both life-size bronze horse statues and large outdoor horse statues.

life size bronze horse staue for outdoor lawn-3 life size bronze horse staue for outdoor lawn-2

When it comes to the value of a bronze horse statue, it varies greatly depending on a number of factors, including the size, quality and rarity of the statue. Bronze horse statues are highly valued for their beauty, durability and symbolism. Horses have long been a symbol of strength, freedom and grace, and these qualities are reflected in the statues that depict them. Bronze horse statues could be found in a variety of settings, including parks, private gardens and museums. In addition to black bronze horses, there are many other types of bronze horses. These include galloping horses, rearing horses and horse statues in various poses and positions.life size bronze horse staue for outdoor lawn-2

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