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Our master Han is good at carving figures and bronze horse statue, he is young, but he is very talent. He carved the figures and  horse very carefully. Especially for the detail carving, he has a strict request for the sculpture. Han could carve vividly and could reproduce the original production. When customers come to our factory to check the clay model, they would be surprised by the finished model. Most clay molds are carved very successfully. The following photos are our master Han and our customers are very satisfied with our clay model.

clay mold for bronze horse statue
clay mold for bronze horse statue

You Fine Clay Model Master-Mr Song

Our master Song engaged in carving for many years, he is very excellent. He is also an artist teacher, He cultivate a lot of carving talent. He is very serious for the carving. And before carving the clay model, he would check a lot of data to get all the information. So the statues he carved are always exceed customer expectations. At the same time, he keeps learning all the time so that he could make his skills move forwards. The following photo is our master Song and our director Dora. They are discussing the clay model.

bronze casting for horsestatue


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