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bronze jumping galloping horse statue-1

Cast in bronze, this antique statue of a galloping horse is a breathtaking work of art that enhances the aesthetics of this sculpture.
ITEM: BOK1-430
Material: Casting bronze
Size: 2m or Custom as Your Request
Color: Black (other available colors)
Techniques: Exquisite casting, Hand made
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

This antique bronze galloping horse statue is very different from other common bronze horse sculptures. Our common bronze horse sculptures are stony-faced and very serious. Our bronze horse casting looks very cheerful as if it is playing with its owner. Therefore, when people see this horse, they will feel very friendly and bring joy to people.

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A Team of First-Class Bronze Casting:

YouFine has been engaged in the casting of various bronze sculptures for nearly forty years. We have very strict requirements for the production process of sculptures, especially the bronze sculpture casting is very complicated. We have our own professional casters who can guarantee the quality of the sculptures. Because they have been in contact with sculpture since childhood, they are very proficient in making and adjusting sculpture.

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More Options for Bronze Horse Statues:

The horse is a beautiful and dignified animal, a representative of strength and beauty, a symbol of wisdom, hard work, valor, and success. It connotes the energy of the entrepreneur to go beyond and move forward, which is why many people like to display and preserve bronze horses. At YouFine, we have a large selection of large brass horse statues too. Part of the popular horse designs available here includes running horse statues, vintage bronze horse statues, bronze statues of herd horses, and more.


YouFine, as a professional bronze horse production factory, is very confident in the quality of our sculptures. We provide you with high-quality outdoor decorative bronze horse sculptures.


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