Modern Bronze Abstract Horse Sculpture Art Decoration for Sale BOKK-956

abstract horse sculpture supplier

This is a unique bronze abstract horse sculpture that is made by the YouFine factory and is also a rare artwork created by excellent designers and cast by many professional bronze casting masters. If you like the design of it, please contact us immediately.
Item No: BOKK-956
Material: Bronze
Color: Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Trade Assurance

Bronze Abstract Horse Sculpture Details:

This bronze abstract horse sculpture is cast by a group of excellent bronze casting masters and has a handsome face and modern body design. Different from other horse statues, this horse statue looks like the horse that would occur in the fiction movie and comes from the future world. The body of it is abstract shapes instead of muscle. There is no denying that the abstract design makes the statue has a sense of technology and modern. It must be an attractive design that suits to be placed in many places.


abstract horse sculpture supplier


What is Abstract Statue?

Abstract statues have been one of the most popular sculpture designs in recent years. The special design of many abstract statues attracts much attention from the public. An obvious characteristic of the abstract design is the usage of simple lines. Excellent designers do not carve vivid facial expressions and body shapes of statues anymore and express sculptures hazily. Such design usually has a sense of technology and encourages people to think about what the statue is. At the same time, it could improve the imagination and creation of people.


life size bronze horse statue


Complex Production Process:

The casting of this bronze horse statue applies the traditional lost wax method which contains more than 30 steps. It is a difficult technique and a complex process, any mistake would result in the imperfect of the whole statue. Thus, all the steps must be finished by professional and experienced bronze casting masters. In the YouFine factory, masters who take part in the casting of bronze sculptures have had over 20 years of related experience and they could finish every step well with their superb techniques.


Bronze Rearing Horse Statue process-youfine sculpture


More Well-design Horse Statue:

The YouFine factory has been engaged in sculpture manufacture and export for almost 40 years. Many years of experience helps the factory accumulate many exquisite horse statue designs. And a group of professional masters could perfect manufacture each of those designs. No matter what kind of style you like, where would you place a statue, and what size you need, the factory could always cast sculptures that cater to your requirements. Please contact us tell what you need, and professional consultants would introduce details about statues you like.

life size horse statues for sale


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