Large Bronze Horse and Rider Statue for Sale BOKK-847

Bronze Horse and Rider Statue Statue Detail:

This is one of our popular large bronze horse and rider statue made by our factory. This sculpture is customized for our customers. And the height of the sculpture is about 3 meters. The size is very large, so no matter where you put it, it is the most dazzling art decoration.

Large Bronze Horse and Rider Statue-youfine sculpture

Bronze Horse and Rider Statue Description:

As we all know, the production of bronze sculpture is a complicated process. Our classic bronze horse and rider statues are very delicate no matter from any angle. Both this handsome horse and the rider on horseback are very realistic and vivid. These handsome horses look very powerful. It has a strong body and distinct muscles. Sitting on its back is a handsome raider wearing a shirt and standing tall, with a serious expression, as if they are ready to fight at any time!

Large Bronze Horse and Rider Statue for Sale-youfine sculpture

Advantage of Our Bronze Horse Statues:

1.Professional carving master

Our factory always pays great attention to the details of sculptures in the casting of bronze sculptures. Our bronze masters are very professional and passionate in casting sculptures. They started to learn sculpture techniques when they were young, so they have many years of carving experience. This allows our professional masters to make every bronze sculpture as a classic piece of art.

2.Advanced casting process

Bronze Rearing Horse Statue process-youfine sculpture

The entire sculpture is cast using the traditional lost wax method to ensure that all details of the sculpture are very realistic and vivid. And we use the new silica sol process, this is a new technology that could make sculptures without white spots. Regarding the coloring of sculptures, these sculptures are painted manually by our professional masters. Then it is hand-polished to show awesome details and highlights, thereby creating unique and lasting sculptures.

Large Bronze Horse and Rider Statue mold - youfine sculpture

Bronze Horse and Rider Statue Application:

This mighty bronze horse and rider sculpture is very suitable to be placed on squares and horse farms. This statue is majestic and looks very eye-catching when placed on the high platform in the square. At the same time, it is also very suitable for a horse farm, and it will definitely become a landmark building on the horse farm.

The horse proudly lifted its front hoofs, loaded with its owner, and run without fear of the difficulties ahead.

Large Bronze Horse and Rider Statue mold- youfine sculpture

If you are interested in knowing more details, please feel free to contact us, You Fine has full confidence to make the sculpture perfect and make you satisfied!


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