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real bronze chinese galloping horse statue symbolism of horse statues

Horse Multi-Color Antique Chinese Figurines & Statues | eBay

Antique Cast Iron Tang Style HorseA striking cast iron, Tang-style horse sculpture in a prancing pose. Retaining traces of original paint. The symbolism of horses, thought to be related to dragons, played on the Chinese imagination and myth from an early date.

Jade Monkey Statue Riding on the War Horse – Real Rare Antiques

Description Jade Monkey Statue Riding on the War Horse. This rare Warring States period (475 and 221 BC) statue of a monkey soldier riding on a war horse has special meaning in ancient Chinese history, particularly of Zhou dynasty (周朝1046-256 BCE).

What Is the Meaning of a Horse Statue With Its Legs Raised …

A horse statue with legs raised in the air is said to signify that the rider was killed in battle. … Home World View Symbolism. … Life Size Horse Statues Bronze …

Chinese Zodiac Animals Statues and Figurines

Chinese zodiac animals have 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Chinese zodiac symbols (Chinese zodiac statues) are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. If you are not sure what Chines zodiac sign you are, you can use our Chinese Zodiac Calculator Tool to find out what Chinese zodiac figurines you need.

The Horse Feng Shui Symbol in the Home

Zodiac sign: If your Chinese zodiac sign is the horse, you can also display horses in your lucky feng shui direction for success. Horse Depictions and Placement to Avoid As with all feng shui symbols and cures, improper placement or conflicting symbolism with feng shui horses can have a negative effect:

Horse Symbolism | Symbolic Meaning of Horse

Symbolism of a Chestnut Horse ~ A red or chestnut colored horse symbolizes friendship, loyalty and devotion. Golden Horse Symbolism ~ A tawny golden horse represents a happy nature, affectionate and warm. Gray Horse Symbolism ~ A grey horse is a symbol of a calm serene spirit, knowing and wise

Understanding the Horse in Chinese Culture – char4u.com

Ink paintings are just one aspect of Chinese artwork that centers on the horse. Bronze horse statues from the Han dynasty are detailed and stunning, and full-sized terracotta figures of horses were part of funeral army of Qin Shi Huang. He felt that an army to protect his empire in the after life must include horses.

Collectible Horse Figurines | eBay

Get the best deal for Collectible Horse Figurines … Equestrian Dark Brown Horse Galloping On Wild Pasture Statue With Base 9.25"Long … Chinese Luxurious Feng shui …

Ancient Sculpture Gallery museum reproductions of ancient and …

Oriental Asian Chinese Buddhist » Oriental Asian Statues; … Bronze Sculptures (lost wax) » … Ancient Sculpture Gallery stands as an exception. Here, the …

117 Best Equestrian statues images | Sculptures, Horse …

Of the fifteen marble statues of the stage, of the bronze gilt equestrian statues of the cavea, of the bronze chariots and horses over the entrances of the orchestra, we have only broken fragments, except for one magnificent bronze horse, found in sufficiently large fragments to be pieced together (shown above)" See more


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