Life size bronze horse and jockey sculptures for art decor

Life size bronze horse and jockey sculpture for art decor

Type: Bronze horse with jockey
Size: 2m or as your request
Color: Brown(other available color)
Techniques: Exquisite casting,hand made
Material: Casting bronze

A.World Leading Sculpture Designer and Manufacturer
B.First Art Quality
C.Best wholesale prices
D.Door-to-door delivery
E.Free CAD/3D design service
F.Brochures and HD sculpture photos
G.30-year Factory Guarantee
H.Excellent After-sale service
I.Strong fumigated wooden cases Packing

Life size bronze horse and jockey sculptures for art decor detail:

After bronze horse statue is received we will issue the refund of the original cost of the statue minus shipping.In 40 years it is rare that anything is returned and most are for exchange or larger piece. Buyers usual call and order more bronze horse statues and tell friends and family to purchase our bronze horse statue.

Life size bronze horse and jockey sculptures for art decor is used mostly for outside (garden, square etc), it also can be used for interior decoration. It also could be customized according to your choice for color and size.

horse satue
horse satue

Here at You Fine, our motto is quality, value, and customer service of the highest standard. Every art has one story, and each product is meticulously created with the highest degree of workmanship paying special attention to detail and design, yet made affordable to general public.


Why we are a reliable supplier of Life size bronze horse and jockey sculptures for art decor that you don’t want to miss


1) Select best material with superb quality.

2) Provide video shows how to install and how the fountain works before shipping

3) Offer Installation diagram&trial Installation video& installation instruction and foreign installation team.

4) Full insurance to cover all the risks during shipping.

5) Strong standard wooden crate package

Life size bronze horse and jockey sculptures for art decor will last forever


This is why it is very important to carefully choose a competent and professional artist to design and create a high quality statue that will truly have an impact and last forever.


You Fine Art Sculpture owns the most efficient and professional artist team, they have finished more than 350 different custom bronze horse statue projects in the past 6 years.

horse satue
horse satue

We make bronze horse statues for treasured loved ones who have made a lasting impression on others. At You Fine Art Sculpture Custom Bronze Sculpture, we involve you in all decision making and capture in exquisite detail exactly what you need and how you want it.


Life size bronze horse and jockey sculptures for art decor  will last forever outdoors. It is made to stand up to the elements and will look great wherever you place it with little or no maintenance. This is an excellent quality bronze masterpiece for impressive display in home, office, outdoors or as gifts.

How can I let my bronze naturally turn verdigris?

Placing your mascot or statue outdoors will naturally cause it to turn green, verd or verdigris (green patina). Many people find this antique patina of green desirable, and may want to quickly customize their bronze using a tinted finish. Today, many foundries actually acid-etch the metal, to give the effect of antique verdigris.

How long does it take for bronze to get verb?

In direct sun, un-maintained and exposed to the weather.more than of 5-10 years and slightly shorter on the beach with salt water spray.

How can I keep my bronze the same original color?

Simply paste wax your monument every year or coat it with clear Permalac , urethane, or lacquer spray.

package of bronze statue
package of bronze statue

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