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With You Fine You Will Work With The Sculptor And Foundry Directly.

With You Fine, you will work directly with the foundry and artist to create a custom made contemporary metal sculpture. Our statues will create and satisfy your enjoyment for generations to come. Your concept for a metal statue can quickly become a real stainless steel sculpture, sculpted by our master artists. Call us for a quick quote on large outdoor metal sculptures project, we are happy to help.  When you commission a contemporary metal art your satisfaction is guaranteed. You Fine Art Sculpture will work closely with you to create the metal yard sculptures that you want created.  Our talented sculptors offer a wide range of metal garden art sculpture. We custom make steel statues for sale for memorials and organizations including business logos. Our expertise includes outdoor metal portrait statues, stainless steel portrait statues to metal animals, and mini metal sculptures. Our master sculptor specializes in classical art on metal that is cast in the time honored traditional method of wedding casting method. Our metal castings are cast by master foundry men.

bronze horse statue

Metal art statues From Tabletop Size To Monumental Works Of Art

Custom created by the metal artisans at You Fine, your statue will be given meticulous attention to every detail. With us, when you inquire about your metal art sculptures for yard commission, we will make every effort to answer all of your questions so that you will know that you have come to the right place. Remember that at You Fine, This Is Where Your Dreams Become Reality. Contact You Fine Art Sculpture today regarding your outdoor modern art sculpture by email:  sales@you-fine.com or by phone:0086-17772520029 For information on custom made metal sculpture and outdoor modern art sculpture and statues. For your custom bronze memorial sculptures and custom hand sculpted abstract metal sculpture as well as steel artworks artists sculpture.


What is patina of bronze horse statue?

Today’s bronze art objects come from the foundry with a chemical patina (green film). This protective layer changes the outside metal structure to prevent corrosion. Foundries may also add wax, lacquer, or urethane coatings to protect the valued warm bronze color.

life size bronze horse statue

How can I let my bronze naturally turn verdigris?

Placing your mascot or statue outdoors will naturally cause it to turn green, verd or verdigris (green patina). Many people find this antique patina of green desirable, and may want to quickly customize their bronze using a tinted finish. Today, many foundries actually acid-etch the metal, to give the effect of antique verdigris.



How long does it take for bronze to get verb?

In direct sun, un-maintained and exposed to the weather�.more than of 5-10 years and slightly shorter on the beach with salt water spray.

How can I keep my bronze the same original color?

Simply paste wax your monument every year or coat it with clear Permalac ™, urethane, or lacquer spray.


What about white spots of bronze horse statue?

When you first get your bronze, borax powder – used in casting – can look like crystals. The borax may be still in the metal, but not visible until it gets wet. If you see these crystals, simply wash them off, or clean with paste wax.

You may also see some white spots due to residual ceramic material from casting as well. Again, simply clean it up with paste wax, and touch up the color with Kiwi wax.


After bringing your bronze home, high calcium levels in the water often cause white spots, especially in fountains. This happens often in locations with heavy mineral content. Remove the spots using a good paste wax, and use de-mineralizing chemicals to treat the water. (Note: De-mineralizing agents can be found in most pool supply stores.)


What kind of paste wax is recommended for bronze horse statue?

Do not use automobile paste-waxes, as these will permanently damage bronze. Johnson\�s, Boston, or any non-abrasive, natural paste waxes are recommended.


For quick and shiny clean ups, use a spray-after-wash auto detailing that contains only wax.

Can I use tinted paste wax of bronze horse statue?

Some foundries use Kiwi shoe paste, which comes in brown, black, cordovan, and oxblood, to create a reddish-brown tint and add depth. This can be done at home. However, it�s not advisable to use it where a heavy coat of wax has already been applied by the foundry.

bronze horse statue for sale

How long does bronze horse statue last?

Almost forever! Archaeologists are still discovering Greek and Roman bronze from the Mediterranean Sea, dating thousands of years ago. Interestingly,the very word verdigris comes from the word “verde” (Old French: green) and “verde gris” (Latin: of Greece). These artifacts are still in good and identifiable condition.


How can I repair damage or scratches to my bronze horse statue?

For minor touch ups to your bronze art, refinishing kits, metal chemical patinas, and color-solvent dyes are available on the Internet (search under “bronze refinishing kits”).


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